Nvidia Reportedly Pauses Production of RTX 40 Series GPUs

Nvidia has allegedly halted production of RTX 40 series graphics cards, according to a new leak. On top of that, team green is supposedly limiting the supply of high end Lovelace cards, such as Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 and RTX 4090, to retailers.

According to a retailer speaking to prominent hardware YouTuber. Moore’s Law Is Dead, “the RTX 4080 and 4090 aren’t selling well compared to previous generations. But there’s still continuing demand for the cards from consumers. Fulfilling that demand has proven to be a challenge, as they’re now receiving scarce supplies of High End Lovelace cards.


The reason? Apparently, Nvidia has placed a limit on the number of GPUs passing to retailers per week. Having spoken to several warehouses containing said graphics cards. Moore’s Law Is Dead alleges substantial stock of the high end Lovelace cards exists.

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This recent development might be linked to another noteworthy revelation according to Moore’s Law Is Dead: it appears that production of the RTX 40 series cards may have halted. One source alleged, “we’ve all but stopped production of RTX 4000 GPUs. Technically, we are keeping a line open for each SKU, but this is because there are contracts with [Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company] that basically force us to.”

This supposed pause in gaming GPU production could be a result of Nvidia narrowing its focus even further onto AI-related graphics cards. But if you’re worried about shortages, that’s unlikely, according to a third source. Apparently, Nvidia “may actually have more than enough GPUs for months”, thanks to its production efforts up ’til now.

Of course, this information is all unconfirmed until we get an official announcement from Nvidia or its partners. But if true, this could represent a chance for AMD to capitalize and wrest market share from team green. Our AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX review called team red’s flagship GPU an, “exceptionally powerful graphics card”, suggesting AMD means business in the current generation’s GPU war.

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