The Ultimate Guide to All Starfield Missions and Quests

What are Starfield Missions? Blasting off across the solar system is an exciting prospect, but you might be wondering what quests await you in the big black yonder. Well, rather a lot as it happens, and the Settled Systems are chock-full with all manner of missions and side-quests to complete. Aside from the main story, you can become embroiled in large-scale political conflict, battle space pirates, or even make a friend. We’ve compiled a list of Starfield missions just to make sense of it all.

Starfield missions take eager spacefarers on a grand exploration of over 1,000 Starfield planets. According to lead quest designer Will Shen, the Starfield’ s galactic scale and procedural generation necessitated a new approach to designing Starfield quests, which often begin in “a dynamically placed settlement that takes you to a dynamically placed dungeon as you’re walking through the planet.” Here are the missions you can expect to sink your teeth into once the Starfield release date rolls around.


All Starfield Missions

Starfield’ s main quest line is likely to feature 15-20 missions. This estimate comes from our own experience with previous Bethesda RPG games, as well as taking into account just how long Starfield is in comparison to Skyrim and Fallout 4. This main questline kicks off with a very simple premise: after a close encounter with a small fragment of an alien artifact, we are shepherded off to the Starfield Constellation – the last bastion of space explorers and adventurers – to discover its remote origins.

Here are all the Starfield main missions:

Alongside the main Starfield quests, we expect to encounter missions where we can recruit Starfield companions, and missions that introduce some of the other major Starfield factions in the game. If these Starfield mission types pique your interest, be sure to brush up on the Starfield persuasion points system so you can successfully flex your influence. We might also encounter specially tailored Starfield background missions for the likes of the Bounty Hunter, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Here are all the Starfield side missions:

  • Failure to Communicate
  • Friends Like These
  • Further Into the Unknown
  • One Small Step
  • The Best There Is
  • The Old Neighborhood

Starfield Mission Types

Starfield missions are split into different types, each serving a distinct purpose. Aside from the prospect of a good story, you can expect each mission to reward you with experience, loot, and credits.

Here are the Starfield mission types:

  • Main quest
  • Side quest
  • Companion quest
  • Faction quest
  • Radiant quest


Shen confirmed that we can “play through all the faction lines independently of each other”, though the outcome of these Starfield quests will depend upon the choices you make. Equally, companions can influence your choices by offering alternative points of view and can speak for you during missions to change the outcome.

Finally, the open-world game is populated with a variety of one-off side missions offered by minor NPCs in Starfield cities, or even out in the wilds of remote planets. While they may be optional, we know from experience that Bethesda’s side-quests can often overshadow the main story in terms of their depth and quality. Just be sure to equip your best Starfield guns and Starfield armor – after all, you never know where these random encounters may lead.

That’s everything we know about Starfield missions so far, but be sure to check back after launch for a comprehensive list of all the missions to complete across the Settled Systems. Be sure to take a look at our primers to Starfield ship design and Starfield base building to help you explore distant planets, as well as the Starfield research projects that can provide Starfield food and other essential items for your journey.

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.

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